NLP is a pragmatic school of thought (called an "epistemology")

It is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development of behavioral competency and flexibility.

In Neuro-linguistics, the person with the greatest flexibility has the best advantage.

This is also true in Mediation, Parenting or any kind of Relationship

It involves Strategic Thinking and an understanding of the mental and cognitive processes behind the behavior.

Now you will understand why given the gift of Empathy

and all the advanced training Mia has had in understanding how and why the brain works as it does.

She can teach individuals and couples to strategically think and understand what baggage they carry

from this lifetime or one of hundreds-even, thousands of human experiences before.

 And once again, you understand that the "map" you have created

May have similarities to the one your domestication has built in your mind,

But just like a GPS, it represents a one level view of a 3-dimensional space

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."

Wayne Dyer, M.D.

 It's really pretty simple.

Every thing-every person-every experience

we encounter in the course of our lives

writes a "script"

a kind of "game plan" of how we view the world

this is what we call our "perspective"

The main source of misunderstanding

between people

is the difference in their perspective.

But it really takes understanding,

a bit of training & a great deal of practice

to "translate" perceptions into 

different people's sense of "reality"

One quick technique we can all learn to do to overcome negative emotions and fears

is to learn to identify what doesn't work in our "scripts" and how to "rewrite" them until they do. 

A lot of people really beat themselves up over "negative thinking," and you may be one of them. 

And they often feel frustrated with constantly feeling like they can't get out of patterns of negative emotions,

like anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, guilt, shame and more...

And while it is, of course, true that in order to create the life we want today,

changing our thinking to be more positive, along with changing our emotions,

is extremely important and effective for reaching our goals, there's more to the picture than meets the eye.

What most people don't realize is that...

Negative thinking and negative emotional patterns are actually hardwired into the brain,

in one of the most ancient parts of it. 

Negative thinking specifically is there for a very important reason,

which you'll learn about in the video we're sharing with you today.

If you want to eliminate your negative thinking and negative emotions,

so that you can become the most confident, fulfilled, healthy and successful version of yourself

So, what can Neurolinguistics do for you?

When we live our lives by "scripts" we create,

we oft times distort our Reality.​

 No one and I DO mean, no one,

can be harder to oneself than "us"

 It's such an intricate practice, yet it is quite simple to understand

(it really is)

The mind (neuro) and language (linguistics) and how their interplay with one another

affects our bodies and behavior

In simpler words"programming" just means human domestication

which determines the "models" that we build in our minds

of our perceptions of the world we create.

You can control nothing other than your own attitudes, values, and efforts directed at mental discipline.

The rest of the world is as it is, will be as it will be, and unfolds as it does with or without your consent.

This is as it should be.

Indeed, this is as it must be.

You have enough to contend with just governing your own thoughts and actions.

Your consciousness and your will are more than enough to keep you busy, engaged, and challenged.

Master yourself, administer your affairs, discipline yourself, and you will have accomplished more than most ever dare.

This is your only purpose.

Are you not ashamed to allow the events of the day to throw you off balance?

What business is it of yours if lives begin or end, warfare erupts here or peace is restored there,

economies shudder, earthquakes strike, or storms beat down upon the land?

Will it all to be otherwise if you can.

What answers directly to the exertion of your will?

That, and only that, is your business.

Do not invite needless distress by insisting that the world must conform to your expectations or whims.

Who, after all, do you think you are?

Control the very small sphere that answers to your direction.

As for the rest, cultivate gratitude for the opportunity to draw breath and take part in a life that you never earned.

Let me make it simple...

Having spent many years,

first as a Relationship Therapist...

then as a Life and Relationship Coach,

and ultimately incorporating being 

an Advanced Family Mediator, 

incorporating Neurolinguistics into my work

was the "thread" that pulled it all together.

it became fundamentally clear

that in order to help people understand themselves

and understand the people in their lives

and the world they interacted with, 

a basic process had to take place.


Thus you see, our brain creates a "map"

Neurolinguistics is an understanding

not of the brain

but of how the mind, using the brain

expresses itself in your life and 

creates what you call your "experience"."