Consult a professional financial advisor-together if that's at all possible

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the emotions involved in this process

It's not always something you can do.

So, here's the best piece of advice anyone in this perspective of the process can give you.

Settle the Custody and living arrangements for the children if children are involved.

Think of the lifestyle and security, as best can be afforded, that you BOTH want them to have

  Mediation can help "manage" the cost involved.

But Mediation does NOT replace legal advice.

However, lawyers are busy, usually costly

and their roles are not to navigate you

through the emotional parts of your Journey.

That's NOT what Law School is all about.

Let them do their jobs though 

and make sure the final legal paperwork

is thorough and in place

No matter what your economic status in Society,

You are now taking what once belonged to ALL of you

regardless of who brought it in, 

to what now has to be divided between two households.

Divorce requires SACRIFICES

As MUCH as possible,

minimize the sacrifices that the children have.

 Through either the Mediation or working with a Parenting Coordinator 

Parents can develop a practical parenting plan that might meet their children's individual needs

When parents demonstrate that despite a considerable amount of intervention and effort

they cannot cooperate with each other even for the sake of their children

it often forces them to become adversaries

each trying to demonstrate the incompetence of the other parent

and the expertise of their own parenting skill. 

The process is usually destructive and often leaves wounds that are very difficult to heal.

It increases the legal fees and in the end, 

the Court will step in and make a decision they feel is in the best interests of the child(ren). 

To save cost and better serve the Mediation Process, inquire about these services

A highly skilled, experience Mediator can provide services through both telephone and Video sessions


You've weighed all the alternatives and the decision has been made...

The hardest part is NOT getting into the relationship...

It's not even getting OUT of the relationship

(although that can be the most emotional)

The HARDEST is building a whole new perspective

and a commitment to letting go of the past 

Mediation Services:

Through the process of Mediation,

Children can avoid the worse of the conflict

associated with litigation.

The question is, where are you in your lives?

Mediation is NOT "counseling"

It's NOT about who did what or why...

It's about "where do we go from here."

If Counseling is what you're looking for?

There's another program available.

It's called "Relationship Mediation"

Joint Custody works best

when parents can communicate with one another

Mia is a Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator.

She works directly with the parents

to help them communicate more effectively

and to avoid conflicts about child-related issues.

See the tab about these services for further information. 

to set up a free 30-minute consultation

to determine if your situation is appropriate for

Family Mediation

contact Mia at

Children don't care about money but SECURITY

they want their lives to remain as constant as possible

But they NOTICE everything.

and they HEAR everything

This is one of the bitterest aspects of Divorce

Have a care for the damage that can be done.

Out of the Tangled Web

911 Relationship Rescue is a Relationship & Family Coaching Program

Mia has a Masters Certification in Life & Relationship Coaching.

911 Relationship is about Couples and/or families with issues.

It can consist of Individual, Couples and Family sessions.

Its design is to find out what's not working and why.

It's a step usually taken PRIOR to the decision to legally divorce

But sometimes, it's also something you may decide to try

AFTER you've initiated the first steps.

Relationship Coaching can serve different purposes.

It can determine if there is any way NOT to proceed,

Or it can be used to find a way to proceed with

the least amount of tension and damage to you as a couple,

But it's also about who you are and will be as individuals

Cost of the Mediator's time and involvement

is greatly increased.

Divorce & Child Custody


Because the old relationship isn't going to exist

as it has in the past, doesn't necessarily mean

there can't still be caring and respect.

Times change, people change

and if you can get past the immediacy of your feelings

a new form of relationship can be negotiated.



Cooperative Parenting

Child Custody Evaluation

All marriages are different, and it depends on whether you are both earners.

But either way, everything you have obtained during your marriage

if it is NOT protected by a Pre-nuptial Agreement, is owned JOINTLY in Texas.

This is a "Community Property" State.

One of the most difficult things to understand

in the "ending" of a relationship

is that "understanding" of the "why's" 

is not guaranteed and not always possible

Relationship and Family Coaching

Mia Johnson, M.A.




 In Mediation, the Mediator is NEUTRAL.

their role is to listen calmly and objectively

With "no horse in the race" (so to speak)

they are better able to assist the disputing parties

to define and perhaps, resolve their disagreement 

by facilitating their discussions.

and should it become necessary,

guiding them to  appropriate resources and advisors

Relationship Coaching is an attempt to "re-structure" the family.

Like "pre-marital" counseling, it helps to define and address some of the issues leading to your decision.

Legal action is costly because you are paying your attorneys the entire time you are working out the details.

But understand, no matter how much you think you agree, it's important to have legal advice for the final terms. 

Later on, relationships and feelings may change.

The reality is that "agreeing in principle" is often different from actually "agreeing in practice."

It's often surprising how the feelings you thought you had dealt with can change.​​

Aside from the Custody & Visitation,

(if children are involved),

Finances are the most controversial aspects of Divorce.

If you'd like to be notified of any upcoming offerings-posts or have any questions about any services that are offered, please just make a note in the comment section.   mia

Whatever you decide, moving on is not anyone's failure.

It's an acceptance that what once worked 

for all the RIGHT reasons

can no longer work for all the wrong ones

and understanding exactly WHY

is not always guaranteed.

Using Family Mediation can result in sound decision making, reconciliation of divergent views, clearing the air

lessening resentment and greater understanding through improved communication. 

This is often crucial in the transformation of relationships.

As a longtime Family therapist and Master Neurolinguistic,

(no, you're not expected to know what that is ...see

Mia's focus is 


Mediation is the opportunity to divide things fairly.

It's an opportunity for you to discuss choices

and alternatives.

If you don't? the Court and the Attorneys will.


Tele-medicine and Tele-therapy have been established Practices for a number of years.

The need for Tele-mediation has now been established. 

Why would you use it?

If two parties are unable to meet and work cooperatively in the same location. 

Sometimes there a mitigating circumstances-hostility-abuse previous legal actions (restraining orders) 

In the same location, Mediation might not be SAFE or EFFECTIVE. 

Then the 

Participants can maintain amicable relationships

with each other post-divorce.

Sometimes despite the best of intentions, 

relationships fail. It happens...

Sometimes the decision to end it is a "mutual" one

but, often, it is not. 

The person who has made the decision to initiate it

may have had adequate time to process it all.

that can put them at an unfair advantage.


when anyone is feeling they're not understood

so effective, productive communication can suffer.

In addition to all else?​